The all-in-one tool for renting out your accommodation

Your own website, all bookings in one system, calendar synchronization, Channel Management, automatic communication, online payments and the best support.

Your own website
Your own website

In just 5 minutes you can have your own website online using our Sitebuilder. With a few simple steps you can start receiving bookings without any commission!

Your own website

By default, your website is in Dutch. You can easily activate multiple languages, such as English and German, to reach a larger number of potential tenants.

Your own website
Optimally secured

Ensuring the security of your data is of great importance. Voyando contributes as much as possible to a secure environment for you as a host, as well as for your guests.

Your own website
Build your own brand

Are you tired of big platforms placing their logo above the photos of your vacation rental? With Voyando you build your own brand and create a unique look for your website.

Your own website

Let Voyando do the work for you by always keeping your online calendar up-to-date. Synchronize one or more vacation rentals with all the platforms you advertise on.

Your own website
Photos and videos

A personalized website creates more interaction. With our Sitebuilder, you can easily add photos and videos to your website, giving your visitors the best possible experience.

Your own website
Also on mobile and tablet

Did you know that more than 70% of vacations are booked via smartphones? Your Voyando website is fully optimized for all devices, including mobile and tablet!

Your own website
GDPR Proof

You can rely on Voyando when it comes to GDPR compliance. Our privacy tools ensure full compliance with privacy laws, so you can focus on renting out your vacation rental without worrying about legal issues.

Your own website

View a clear schedule of all future events, such as upcoming payments and changeover days.

Your own website

Our experts will set up your website and fill it with your content, completely free of charge. So you'll be ready to receive commission-free bookings in no time!

Receive online payments: easy and fast

Receive payments worldwide via iDeal, credit card and bank transfer, among others

Your own website
iDeal, bank and credit card

Guests can pay with their preferred payment methods, including iDeal, bank transfer and credit card.

Your own website
Flexible pricing

Apply flexible pricing to optimize your property's return on investment. Set up smart pricing plans that adjust automatically.

Your own website
Global payments

Expand your reach and receive payments from around the world. Make it easy for international guests to pay.

Your own website
Multi currency

Allow guests to checkout in their own local currency. Offer a seamless payment experience where currency conversion is handled automatically.

Your own website
Discounts and promotions

Increase the occupancy rate of your accommodation by offering discounts and promotions. Attract more guests and increase your revenue.

Your own website
Up- and cross-selling

Increase your revenue by offering additional products and services. Give guests the ability to add additional options to their booking.

Your own website
Fast payouts

Receive prompt weekly payouts for booked stays directly into your own account. Increase your financial flexibility and receive timely payments.

Your own website
Automatic reminders

From Voyando, important messages and reminders are sent automatically. Trust your automated workflow and focus on the fun stuff of renting out your vacation rental!

Strong Marketing & Communications

Automated emails, workflow and Whatsapp integration on your website

Your own website
Uniform communication

With unified communications, you customize all your conversations with guests in the style of your accommodation, providing a consistent brand experience. This makes your guests feel confident.

Your own website

Workflows allow you to save time by scheduling emails and messages in advance and sending them automatically. This helps you ensure that important communications are delivered at the right time.

Your own website
Guest reviews

Guest reviews allow you to easily collect feedback and ratings from guests who have stayed in your accommodation. This will help you build trust in your accommodation with potential guests.

Your own website
Whatsapp integration

WhatsApp integration allows you to connect with guests through the popular messaging platform. This makes communication approachable and easy, allowing guests to interact with you comfortably.

Your own website
Marketing emails

Marketing emails allow you to re-engage guests by sending them smart offers and promotions. This helps you encourage repeat bookings, build guest loyalty and increase your sales.

Your own website
Online check-in

With online check-in, you can use smart tools to provide guests with a seamless and great experience. This allows guests to check-in faster and easier.

Your own website
Guest List

Through your dashboard you can access your guest overview. This provides insight into all your bookings (historical and future). Also bookings coming from other rental platforms.

Your own website
Integration Analytics

By integrating Voyando with Google Analytics, you gain insight into your website visitors and their behavior. This provides you with valuable information that you can use to optimize your website.

Your own website
Coming soon

Voyando offers guest accounts for sub-users. For example, you can give your cleaners easy access to the calendar. This allows them to easily create weekly schedules, without the ability to make changes make changes.

Your own website
Coming soon
Portal for owners

Do you manage other people's property? Offer the homeowner insights and confidence by sharing essential data, such as number of bookings, turnover and occupancy rates.

Channel Management

Easily sync your bookings, reviews, availability and prices with booking platforms such as and Airbnb.


Avoid double bookings with automatic synchronization of availability. One system, one calendar, complete control over your accommodation.

Unlimited links

Easily link as many platforms as desired, with no additional costs or restrictions. Maximum freedom and visibility for your rental strategy.

Central location

View occupancy for the coming year and platform revenues at a glance. Save time and increase your efficiency with one clear system.

All bookings

Easily keep track of all bookings, including guest information from any platform. No matter where the booking comes from.

Rates sync

Adjust rates flexibly in Voyando, with automatic updates across all platforms where you advertise. Add additional percentages per platform for dynamic and profitable pricing.

Review automation

Automate review placement on your own site, regardless of platform. Build a rich collection for a trustworthy image and strengthen guest confidence.

Single Sign-On

Say goodbye to login problems. Manage all your bookings in one place without the hassle of different logins.

Powerful communication

Include external bookings in your email flow. Make sure all your guests receive the right information at the right time.